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BaconFest came to our first Chief Baconeer Kathryn Stevens one night while doing the washing up. This light bulb moment was discussed at length over coffee and wine and slowly but surely began to gain some momentum.

Before long, an impressive team of enthusiastic and bacon-loving volunteers had signed up to the cause and committed themselves to delivering a weekend-long celebration of the pig. These creative individuals are passionate about the South Burnett region and committed to using their professional skills and talents to give back to the community by delivering a truly delicious event.

Long Table Breakfast

Long Table Breakfast

Wine & Swine

Wine and Swine Evening

Live Music

Live Music


Baconseed Junior Baconeer Dress Up

Pinup Pageant lg

Pinup Pageant


Beard Of BaconFest

Bacon Eating Comp

Bacon Eating Competition

Rashers Run

Rashers Rush Run/Ride

Celebrity Cooking

Celebrity Cooking Demos

18 - 20 August 2023








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