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Virtual BaconFest 2020

2020 was a year like no other. COVID-19 shut down the world and made it impossible to have our annual BaconFest.

In a time where there was so much chaos and fear, we wanted to bring you some comfort and fun, so we hosted Virtual Baconfest.

Virtual BaconFest included a series of masterclasses featuring your favourite cuts of PORK and a variety of virtual cooking masterclasses.

Sunpork Bacon Boxes

We sold bacon boxes that included limited edition flavours of bacon – Maple Bacon and BBQ Bourbon!

The Beard of BaconFest was born in 2020 to complement the PinUp Pageant.

Chris Hibberson, Big Breaky Winner 2020

Leading up to the 2020 BaconFest weekend, we had a “Big Breakfast at Home” where participants were encouraged to prepare a creative big breakfast with local produce and share a picture on our Facebook page. There was a prize for the winner who was Chris Hibberson!

Other events held were the Travelling shirt competition & National Volunteers week!

When BaconFest weekend arrived, we took BaconMan on a walk through Kingaroy’s CBD to share some BaconFest hope and cheer.

Long Table Breakfast

Long Table Breakfast

Wine & Swine

Wine and Swine Evening

Live Music

Live Music


Baconseed Junior Baconeer Dress Up

Pinup Pageant lg

Pinup Pageant


Beard Of BaconFest

Bacon Eating Comp

Bacon Eating Competition

Rashers Run

Rashers Rush Run/Ride

Celebrity Cooking

Celebrity Cooking Demos

18 - 20 August 2023








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