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Did you know that TAFE QLD facilitates a skills program that can assist workers who have been displaced across several industries?

The Regional Skills Adjustment Strategy (RSAS) is a $15 million three-year initiative that will target specific regions facing economic uncertainty, and support individuals to gain the foundation, employability and technical skills needed to transition to the jobs of the future. Current research suggests that individuals will be required to navigate greater, faster and different workforce transitions in the future due to changes in Assistance can be provided to workers at risk of losing their jobs due to economic change, or impacted by whole of industry adjustment.

RSAS will support workers that are at risk of being displaced from traditional industries, and will provide a regional response to workers retrenched as a result of significant company closures. RSAS will also provide proactive support to employers in the resources, manufacturing, infrastructure, food processing and agriculture sectors, to build workforce resilience and address skills or labour shortages.

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