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Masks and Customer Compliance

By 07/04/2021No Comments

As we come to the end of the first full day of the lock down, I thought it might be necessary to relay the information regarding masks and customer compliance, so please pass on to your members, if you haven’t already done so.

The following information has been issued by the Queensland Small Business Commissioner.

For businesses who are operating outside the Greater Brisbane area, it is important to remain aware of the restrictions which apply across Queensland. This includes guidance on how to manage customers who have possibly been in the Greater Brisbane area since 8am on 20 March.

Some of the common FAQs we have received:

Face masks

  • If you or your staff are working in customer facing roles you must wear face masks (unless you have a lawful reason not to i.e. medical condition). More specific information can be found here.
  • Queensland Health advises that businesses should not refuse service to people who are not lawfully required to wear a mask.
  • Your patrons are not required to wear face masks whilst they are seated to dine-in.
  • Your patrons must wear a mask when ordering at the bar/counter (which is permitted).

Enforcing customer compliance

  • Queensland Health does not expect businesses to enforce compliance of mask wearing or lockdown requirements, but they can report non-compliance through the appropriate Queensland Police Service channels.
  • No business owner should put themselves or their staff at risk by confronting guests.
  • Accommodation providers are encouraged to notify all guests, regardless of where they have come from, of the current requirement in relation to people who have been in greater Brisbane since 8am 20 March and the restrictions that will apply in the rest of the State. During the last lockdown, accommodation providers used a range of methods to communicate with their guests that had already arrived or were due to arrive, such as emails to guest, posters/flyers displayed around the venue, leaflets under guests doors etc.