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COVID Small Business support Grants – click HERE

Businesses need to be supported, protected & incentivised if they choose to Enforce Vaccines (Download PDF)

Vaccinations in the Workplace – click HERE for more information

Free ‘Micro Credentials’ ends this month!

CQU small business micro-credentials if there is any opportunity to send out this month as I believe the free enrolments end 30 November. Here’s the link to the Google Drive with all the current packs: LINK

Every 10 minutes a Cyber Attack Occurs!

Is your business protected?

Use our free, easy-to-use, online Cyber Assessment tool powered by BrightREDD to identify gaps in your cyber security.

Once completed, you’ll receive a free report with detailed insights tailored to your business.

Don’t miss out, limited places available.
Find out if your business is vulnerable now.




Why your business should take our cyber assessment:

The threat is real

With cyber-attacks occurring every 10 minutes and Australian businesses losing $29 billion a year – you need to be prepared for an attack.

Finding out how your business’ cyber health is tracking is the first step to securing your business.

Discover your vulnerabilities

We evaluate your business on password governance, business continuity, data storage and employer and employee obligations.

You’ll receive a report tailored to your business, highlighting any vulnerabilities.

Dive in deeper

Selected businesses who complete the assessment and results indicate their cyber health needs a boost will be chosen to complete a more in-depth Cyber Vulnerability Audit.

Limited places available.


Click here to find out about an Upcoming Cyber Security event.

Free Workers Compensation Information

CCIQ has been entrusted by the Workers’ Compensation Regulator (Office of Industrial Relations) to deliver a free workers compensation information service to Queensland employers.

In Queensland, Workers’ Compensation Scheme is regulated by the Workers’ Compensation Regulator. Under this, employers are required to have workers compensation insurance to ensure their employees can access compensation should they sustain a workplace injury or illness. This compensation insurance is available through WorkCover Queensland or employers can become self-insured by gaining a self-insurance licence and complying with specific requirements.

Need advice? 1300 365 855

As part of CCIQ’s free workers compensation information service to Queensland employers CCIQ has made available Free resource to assist employers who are preparing the return to work process for an employee. Please call to find out more.