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Tender: Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers (ROPS) for Provision of Trade Services

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VP Reference # VP297767.
Buyers Reference # T000067.
Closes: Wednesday 27 April 2022 at 2:00pm (E. Australia Standard Time).

Details Noosa Council invites tenders from suitably qualified contractors for appointment to a Register of Pre-qualified Suppliers (ROPS) for Provision of Trade Services as described in more detail in “Part 5 – Scope”.

This Invitation to Tender is seeking to create a ROPS for the following categories ONLY:
* Category 01 – Carpentry (Must be QBCC Licenced)
* Category 02 – Building Maintenance and Minor Construction (Must be QBCC Licenced)
* Category 03 – Plumbing and Drainage (Must be QBCC Licenced)
* Category 04 – Drainage (Must be QBCC Licenced)
* Category 05 – Roofing (Must be QBCC Licenced)
* Category 06 – Electrical and Data Cabling (Must be licenced by the Electrical Safety Office)
* Category 07 – Painting (Must be QBCC Licenced)
* Category 08 – HandyPerson
* Category 09 – Graffiti Removal
* Category 10 – Pressure Cleaning including cleaning of roofing, guttering, pathways and buildings
* Category 11 – Vacuum Excavation

Respondents may submit for one (1) or more of the specific categories listed above. The ROPS will be established for an initial term of two (2) years. Two (2) further periods of up to twenty-four (24) months each may be granted at the Principal’s absolute discretion. The Schedule of Pricing will be firm and not subject to rise and fall for the duration of each period. Whilst a Schedule of Pricing will apply under the ROPS, the Principal reserves the right to seek quotes from the register of Suppliers on the ROPS.

The intent of this Invitation to Tender is to establish a ROPS that includes a register of suppliers that are capable of responding to the Council’s requirements in a timely manner; and where the Council can either:
* directly engage a supplier from the ROPS on an as required basis utilising the rates provided within the Schedule of Pricing or on other rates as agreed; or
* request quote(s) from one or more suppliers on the ROPS on an as required basis for fixed term services utilising the rates provided within the Schedule of Pricing or on other rates or lump sum price as agreed. Inclusion onto this ROPS does not provide a guarantee of work during the term of this Contract.

Whilst Council encourages all capable suppliers to tender, Council advises that the Council intends to utilise this ROPS to encourage the development of competitive local business and industry. This may result in Council giving preference to local suppliers over non-local suppliers when engaging suppliers from the ROPS. Council has a goal of achieving zero net emissions by 2026 and encourages its partners, including contractors to contribute to this goal where feasible/appropriate. Such methods to achieve this include:
• Lower Carbon footprint;
• Waste reduction and deferral;
• Efficient resource consumption.

Please refer to Council’s Zero Emissions Organisational Strategy 2016 – 2026, Climate Change Response Policy, Emissions Reduction Policy and Environment & Sustainable Living Policy. Refer to the Invitation to Tender documentation attached for further information. DISCLAIMER: This information is subject to change and should be verified directly from the website. For more information and/or available documentation relating to this tender notice, please visit: