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The Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (KCCI) is thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Grant Doyle from EXECFORCE to offer the South Burnett the opportunity to take part in a fantastic Leadership and Management Program, Leadership and Management in the Real World.

eXecforce Lead and Team Program has been designed specifically to solve the problems that occur in businesses large and small. Its premise is based on a wealth of experience working in leadership and management roles bringing together the best of elite sports, military practices, and strategic business planning to give clients a true competitive advantage.

eXeforce has created a program that we are proud to stand behind and put our name to because we would not accept anything less than a world-class program – but it still needed to be affordable and accessible for small businesses.

To be effective, we designed the program so that the content is based on current real-world examples, is experienced in a different way to the usual boring classroom style training, and most importantly, delivers real tangible results for our clients.

The Compass Management Program is a twelve-module learning experience designed to provide participants with an ongoing and structured framework that they can use now and for their entire career. 

In essence, the program changes the way you see your professional world. It puts you at the centre of your own compass and allows you to plot and embark on your own course. It covers individuals’ growth and development, team communications, increasing productivity, strategic and tactical planning and execution, positive conflict, and developing a leadership and management style that best suits your environment.

Grant Doyle
Director eXecforce

Grant is currently running our Business Accelerator Program which is now nearing completion with attendees loving the content on offer as well with Grants style of delivery of the current program.

Grant is an excellent facilitator and delivers a very engaging active learning space, always encouraging discussion and participation on the key criteria and concepts, by using practical and meaningful material to achieve the learning outcomes.

This opportunity to date has also provided a 1 on 1 coaching session with Grant, where we focused on my individual goals and outcomes, and I know that he is always available via email and text if I need to reach out.

Business Accelerator Program Participant

Attached is a copy of the flyer which outline the program and the modules participant swill work through over 6 months starting March 23 rd 2023 for just $825 per person. The KCCI is pleased that we can offer this highly desirable program at this price with our co contribution through the Federal Governments Black Summer Bushfire Funding received through collaboration with South Burnett Regional Council.