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KINGAROY BACONFEST is bring to you by SunPork Fresh Foods


We often get questions, maybe the answer to your enquiry is here:

Questions commonly asked by Kingaroy BaconFest attendees.

How do I purchase tickets for the event?

Tickets will be announced soon, and you can buy them directly from this website for almost half
price! On the other hand, you may also purchase tickets on-site upon entrance at the full price.

What is the price of the tickets and are there any discounts available?

Please note: The prices listed are for 2023 and this may change for further years. We accommodate
for concession tickets (pensioner/children U 13years).

Weekend Passes
Individual Weekend Pass$11.25
Concession Weekend Pass$5.00
Family Weekend Pass$25.00
Single Day Tickets
Individual One Day Entry$6.90
Concession One Day Entry$3.85
One Day Family Pass (2A + 1C)$3.85

When is the festival?

Kingaroy BaconFest 2023 will go from the 18th of August to the 20th of August 2023. Usually, Kingaroy BaconFest is held on the third weekend in August every year. Check our program out for more

Where is the event taking place and how do I get there?

Kingaroy Town Hall, on Glendon Street! If you’re still having trouble finding the venue, follow the
surge of bacon-lovers and the scent of that sweet, sweet bacon or ask one of our friendly locals for
some directions!

Is there parking available at the event venue?

The festival takes place at the Kingaroy Town Hall and there are plenty of parking areas around town
for you to park in!

What is the event's schedule or agenda? Are there any specific sessions or performances?

You can find the program for BaconFest 2023 on our website! There are plenty of events to go to,
performances to be seen and of course, bacon to be eaten! Be sure to visit the Little Piggies area,
and check out the BBQs in Sunpork Smoke-Off. Line up for a Cooking Masterclass, watch Miguel
Maestre’s Pig Show or the Ready Steady Bacon cook-off with Alastair McLeod.

Will there be food and beverages available for purchase at the event?

Of course! Our featured vendors will have all sorts of creative and unique bacon-themed snacks and
beverages for you to enjoy.

Are there any age restrictions or is the event family-friendly?

Everyone is welcome, there’s something for everyone to be part of at BaconFest so bring your kids
along to the Rasher’s Rush or get a group of your friends to enjoy the Wine and Swine, there’s plenty
of events to enjoy!

Is there a dress code or any specific attire recommended for the event?

No, just make sure to wear loose pants so you can stuff yourself with all the delicious treats
we’ll be serving up! Clothing should be without offensive language or inappropriate

Will there be media and/or people taking photos/video?

Of course, we’ll be taking pictures too! We’re super keen to spread the word of BaconFest to get everyone involved in next year’s event so take as many pictures as you can! It is a condition of entry that you allow photos to be taken at the festival, and that we can distribute them for the purposes of event promotion.

Is there a refund or exchange policy for tickets if I am unable to attend?

Yes, please read through our refund and exchange policy listed with our ticketing provider.

Is Kingaroy BaconFest dog friendly?

Unfortunately the festival has a no animal policy so dogs are not allowed.

There are a few places around the South Burnett that can mind dogs. There is one just outside of Kingaroy – Barambah Retreat Boarding Kennels.

Commonly asked questions from volunteers.

Why should I volunteer?

Although some of us out there like to think Baconfest is just about bacon… and in some ways it might be. But it’s so much more. It’s about bringing our community together, supporting one another, meeting friends, getting self-satisfaction from learning a new skill, oh and there’s perks like our regular prize draws.

I don’t have much time

That’s okay. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it certainly wasn’t built by one person. Your contribution doesn’t need to be big; even a couple of hours between now and August would be fine. Every little bit helps

I can’t come to Kingaroy Baconfest, can I still sign up?

That’s totally okay! We need people both before and after the event, helping to get the event ready and packing down and sorting after. We would be grateful for anything you can to do help.

I’m not really sure where I fit, I’m not into crowds or festivals.

Excellent. That is great to hear! We need people like you. People who are happy in the background are the backbone of Baconfest, and without people like you… the festival wouldn’t go ahead. People helping in the background breaking off wristbands, doing the washing up, putting out signs, picking stuff up or putting labels on things.

I want to sign up, but I don’t know how to use a computer

That’s okay! You seem to have survived life quite fine up until now, and that doesn’t have to change for Kingaroy Baconfest. Simply get in touch with us, and we can send you out a form or grab your details over the phone. Oh, and no fear…We also have plenty of jobs going around that don’t involve technology!

I have kids and can’t get babysitting.

It’s okay. We get it! Thankfully as this is a family event, kids are welcome (to most things). We will have jobs for you that you can do from home, working around your busy schedules and where you can bring the kids along too. They might just make some new friends too.

Will it cost me anything to volunteer?

No, in fact, being a volunteer brings many perks. Every volunteer gets free entry into the festival, a t-shirt, a coffee voucher, a discount on pizzas over the Kingaroy BaconFest weekend, an invitation to the afterparty and, of course entry into multiple prize draws. Can we count on making new friends as a perk too?

I don’t live in Kingaroy, can I still volunteer?

Yes you can! If you are planning on coming to the festival, let us know early so you can secure some accommodation. There is lots available from camping right up to swanky rooms and B & B’s. There is also lots you can help with from a distance in the lead up. We have spaces in social media, planning, editing, designing, making, creating and you might even think of a job that we haven’t.

I have a disability and I’m not sure what job would suit me.

Here at Kingaroy BaconFest, we get an A on our report cards for acceptance! We understand that everyone is different and has strengths in different areas. Simply sign up, tell us what you enjoy doing, and we will then find a fit for you that works. There is something for everyone. We promise!

Commonly asked questions from vendors.

How can I be a vendor at your festival?

Stallholder applications for Kingaroy BaconFest 2023 close on 16th June 2023. All applications are submitted online.

Links can be found on our socials and website! Or contact us via email at or!

What types of products or services are typically allowed at your festival?

We want it all! We’ve had all sorts of vendors at BaconFest – everything from bacon candles and earrings to delicious bacon doughnuts – so apply with your creative or unusual bacon and pork products to see them in action at Kingaroy BaconFest 2023!

All products must prioritise Australian Pork, and meet some/all of our values of Cheeky, Quirky, Fun, Food Provenance, Farmers, Bacon, Community and Music & Arts.

Is there a specific application process for vendors? If so, what is it?

To be a stallholder at BaconFest, you’ll have to apply, and we’ve got tons of bacon-themed stalls up for selection so get in quick! Stallholder applications are available soon, so stay tuned to our socials to be the first to apply.

Are there any restrictions on the types of food or beverages we can sell?

No… not technically. Although, stallholders who can show that they have sourced ingredients or products from within the South Burnett will be highly regarded. Like preparing a dish highlighting any of the food grown locally! All Food Vendors must have the correct food licenses and registrations to trade in Kingaroy. Contact South Burnett Regional Council if you have any further questions on food licensing requirements.

What are the fees or costs associated with being a vendor at the festival?

Site costs are as the following:
– 3m x 3m site – $250 (incl. GST)
– 6m x 3m site – $350 (incl. GST).
Power can be supplied at an additional cost of $80.

Are there any specific requirements for health and safety permits or certifications?

For all permit and certification requirements, see the FOOD HEALTH & SAFETY section in the Information Pack. You can get a copy here Food Licensing – South Burnett Regional Council

How are vendor locations determined at the festival?

The allocation of market stalls is up to the discretion of Kingaroy BaconFest Inc. However, if your display is greater than what you have specified, organisers may have to relocate you to a less desirable location, so please be accurate in your application. We will inform stallholders site positions in an update before the Festival. This year, we have new crowd flow activations in place to assist traffic around the full footprint of the festival.

Is electricity provided for vendors?

Yes! Electricity is provided to those who fill out the application and includes an additional fee of $80, you may also choose to bring your generators.

What are the festival's policies regarding waste management and recycling for vendors?

To reduce the impact we have on our Earth, we have our vendors vow to only use recyclable or biodegradable packaging and to dispose of any waste as outlined in the Information Pack that is given upon application.

Are there any specific load-in and load-out times for vendors?

Further information on load-in and load-out times will be included in the Information Pack upon application. These must be strictly adhered to. This year, any late arrivals will be refused entry or future entry to the festival for non-compliance.

Are there opportunities for vendors to participate in additional promotional activities or collaborations?

There are tons of ways you can get involved in BaconFest! The Best Bite of Bacon competition is just one. Check out our socials for the competition details and how to get involved. Please be sure to tag us on your socials, and let your crowds know that you’ve been accepted and that you’re coming! If you’ve got good photos, we’ll share them too.

What is the expected attendance or footfall at the festival?

We’re expected to have an estimated 20,000 people attending the BaconFest weekend, so get your applications in quickly to secure a spot! In 2022, the festival had an attendance of 16,000 people.

Will there be any marketing or advertising efforts on behalf of the festival to attract attendees?

The BaconFest social team are working hard to get everyone keen for all the exciting events happening for BaconFest 2023, and you can too! Get online and promote your stand and products to bring the wave straight to you! We advertise across a range of channels and have been on Sunrise every year the Festival has been on. We attract National attention and have a foodie following.

Are there any specific rules or guidelines that vendors must adhere to during the festival?

Everything you need to know about rules and guidelines is included in the Information Pack received upon application. For any further questions or queries, email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Commonly asked questions from sponsors.

How can I become a sponsor of Kingaroy BaconFest?

If you want to be a sponsor, email with your details, and we
will contact you with all the information you need! Alternatively, you can download our Sponsorship Proposal on our sponsorship page.

What are the available sponsorship opportunities and packages?

From donating money to donating services, there are many packages you can choose when
sponsoring, ranging from $500 – $30,000! For more information, contact us with your details at!

What are the benefits and advantages of sponsoring your event?

Not only are you supporting your local community, but you also get perks! Tickets to a VIP Meet &
Greet with a celebrity chef and tickets to the Wine and Swine evening are just 2 of the benefits that
may come along with sponsorship! There are different levels of exposure for each sponsorship level. What we
know and love most about sponsorship is the mutual support between our brands.

How will my company or brand be promoted and recognised as a sponsor?

Based on the sponsorship level you choose, there are different promotions that come with each
level. It would take too many words in our FAQ to explain each level. To see the fine details of each
sponsorship level, view our sponsorship information page or contact us via email!

Are there specific target demographics or audience segments that your event attracts?

BaconFest is for everyone to enjoy. We’re a food festival, so we’ll get a lot of eager bacon lovers of all
ages are coming out to spend their day doing what they love – celebrating bacon!

What is the expected attendance or reach of the event?

We’re expecting 20,000 people to visit BaconFest over the weekend. That’s a lot of eyes on your logo, on your brand and on your support for local businesses.

What are the costs associated with sponsorship packages?

Sponsorship package costs are outlined in a prospectus which you can access by emailing with your details and interest in sponsoring.

Can sponsors customise or tailor their sponsorship packages to align with their specific marketing objectives?

Contact us for more details on a customised package! We customise packages for clients who would
really like to go the whole hog with us.

We look forward to seeing you at
Kingaroy BaconFest!