Felicity Cavill Vice Baconeer 2019

Felicity has had a close relationship with bacon throughout her life. It probably began when her father brought home five small pigs for their family to grow and eat on their farm in Kingaroy. Each of them was named after a favourite childhood character and funnily enough, never made it to their plates. Her parents, however, were unperturbed and built a piggery not long after, and then another.

Now many years later, Felicity is married with a couple of kids of her own and they all love tucking into a good, crispy rasher or throwing one into whatever dish is lacking some pizazz. Always raising a fork to her family for their solid bacon-eering efforts and the love they have given her of this sublime, versatile party starter of a meat. When Kathryn Stevens mentioned to Felicity her idea to create a festival to celebrate her beloved bacon in her beloved town, Felicity gave no hesitation to jump in and help, trotters and all.