Thank you to our 2019 SunPork Smoke-Off Sponsors!


Swickers is a pork processing plant based in Kingaroy that has been in operation for over 50 years. This state of the art facility processes fresh pork and distributes widely across Australia and internationally. Swickers is the only Export Accredited pig abattoir in Queensland, with their quality pork in high demand by both local and export customers. The value-add facility at this site is equipped with the latest technology, preparing cooked, smoked and cured products for market to highest quality standards. Located at Swickers, the SunPork Fresh Foods Wholesale team are responsible for the sales and delivery of products to the many butcher shops and wholesalers we service daily with fresh and value-added pork products. After a large fire in November 2016, parts of Swickers were completely burnt to the ground. These sections were then rebuilt and reopened in June 2017. This state of the art processing facility is now bigger than ever and has been reconstructed with additional facilities and specialty equipment allowing them to grow their product ranges and pork supply both locally and internationally. Their support and commitment to BaconFest is the stuff of legend, just like their product. Thank you so very much!


A huge thank you to Steggles for their strong support of Kingaroy Baconfest Smoke Off comp! We love our chicken almost as much as we love bacon (a bacon-topped chicken parmy could just about be our second favourite meal...) Thanks Steggles - you're helping Kingaroy Baconfest in becoming one of Australia's best regional food festivals!

Little Butcher

Thanks to our wonderful SunPork Smoke Off sponsor - The Little Butcher! The Little Butcher have been in business for 3 years in November this year. They employ 5 staff from the local high school as well as apprentices and fully qualified butchers. Also on the payroll are their littlest butchers of all - being their 2 boys Mitchell,6 and Connor 4. They love supporting the local community and have kindly donated a locally made trophy for the highest scoring South Burnett team in this year's SunPork Smoke Off!

Kay's Apparel

Kay's ApparelThanks to our AWESOME SunPork Smoke Off sponsors Kay Apparel! Kay Apparel started out making aprons for the meat and hospitality industry at home way back in 2011. Soon after Kay and Michael found a very large gap in the South Burnett and surrounds for many people living off the land and the make it at home enthusiast - which quickly expanded into home butchery, packaging supplies and knives, kitchen wares, mincers and sausage fillers. They now stock a huge range of everything low and slow American BBQ products as well as sponsoring 2 teams on the competition BBQ circuit. And yes, they are still making aprons which are sent all over Australia and sometimes the USA and New Zealand. These days you can find them working away from our retail outlet in Kingaroy located at 166 Haly street and online at

Heat Beads

Heat Beads are some of the best BBQ briquettes available and one of the SunPork Smoke Offs favourite sponsors at this year’s Kingaroy Bacon Fest! Heat Beads are a business with a great brand and a quality product, but without a doubt it’s their people who make it happen. Their people’s commitment is at the heat of their company. In fact, they believe this commitment is reflected in every single bag of Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes they make and every great BBE experience you have!

Angus Reserve

Angus Reserve is Australia’s best and biggest Verified Black Angus beef brand! Bringing you the finest selection of our multi award-winning grainfed beef, Angus Reserve guarantees tenderness and is explosive with flavour in every single mouthful. Raised in the pastures of some of Australia’s richest agricultural lands, our Verified Black Angus cattle are then finished on a grainfed diet exclusively formulated from a mix of wheat, oats and barley for a minimum 150 days. This equals some of the finest marbled Black Angus beef, unmatched for taste, every time. As 2019 World Champion Brisket Winner in Houston, Texas, and Winner of the 2018 Darling Downs Beef Battle… experience the joy of eating the juiciest, internationally recognised Black Angus beef in town – Angus Reserve.

Thank You!

Without the support of sponsors, Kingaroy BaconFest would not go ahead. Thank you to our sponsors who so generously contributed to our inaugural event.

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