When BaconFest will be back in town

South Burnett Times

While donating $16,000 to Graham House for farmer relief, creators of the Kingaroy BaconFest announce that their successful event of economic force will be continuing annually. With funds raised at the event, chief Baconeer Kathryn Stevens delivered a cheque to Graham House manager Linda O’Hare in front of the Kingaroy Town Hall on Thursday, November 15. “It’s a real privilege to stand here today and to be able to give $16 thousand to Graham House Community Centre to support local farmers in need. The $16 thousand was raised purely by people who attended the BaconFest food market,” Ms Stevens said. Not only was BaconFest of value for farmers, Ms Stevens announced that the economic benefits for the region were overwhelming. “We’ve previously debated the benefits of doing it annually or bi-annually, but at the end of the day, we’ve recognised the benefits of BaconFest and we’ve recognised the impacts on this town were too great to be ignored. We really felt that it was important to seize the day, and hold BaconFest again in 2019,” she said. “Given the support that we had, with approximately eight-thousand people attending based on the police estimate, some of the businesses reported they had the greatest trading day that they’ve ever had in the history of trading.” Because of this great result, and in hopes to continue supporting community events, BaconFest will continue as an annual Kingaroy event, coming up again on August 23 to 25 next year. “Our enthusiastic committee of bacon loving volunteers have already gotten their creative juices flowing and are excited to announce a program within the new year,” Ms Stevens said. “Thank you for all your support, thanks for the volunteers and the committee members, thanks for empowering us to do it again – in less than 12 months’ time.”

As seen: https://www.southburnetttimes.com.au/news/revealed-when-baconfest-will-be-back-in-town/3576464/ on 15th November 2018

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