Kingaroy Facade Improvement Program

After the final plans for the Kingaroy Transformation Project were approved by South Burnett Regional Council, the KCCI saw an opportunity to deliver a project that would help business owners and commercial property owners to improve the street appeal of their enterprises.

Such a project would need a huge investment of funds. In early 2021 there were no funds available to deliver the project at scale to include the entire Kingaroy Business Community. In collaboration with South Burnett Regional Council and the KTP Project Design Team, the KCCI delivered the ‘Kingaroy Centre Retail Design Presentation’, readying the community with design, lighting and painting professional advice through the delivery of shopfront design, lighting and improvement information.

After attending the Small Business Friendly Councils Conference in April 2021 and learning how other regions fund such programs, the KCCI began to advocate fiercely to gain funding to roll out a full program in Kingaroy. After many discussions and knock backs, a powerful collaboration with the South Burnett Regional Council allowed for $300,000 from the federal Government’s Blacksummer Bushfire Grant fund to be allocated for a region-wide Façade improvement program. This included $180,000 specifically allocated for Kingaroy businesses.

The KCCI ran two rounds of the façade improvement program and advocated for a 3rd South Burnett ‘Quick Round” knowing there were some funds still available.

The outcome has seen business all over the region able to improve access, aesthetics, signage, lighting and some minor and major structural improvements to increase customer patronage and building aesthetics across the region and bring some old beautiful buildings back to life.

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