Colouring In Competition

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SunPork Wine and Swine

SunPork Smoke-Off Judge

Long Table Breakfast

Kevin Bacon Movie Night

Event Program

The majority of the events will be held in the centre of Kingaroy, Glendon St and the Town Hall forecourt. The full program will be finalised soon. Head to our Facebook page for more information.

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Without our sponsors, this event would not take place.  To view the Sponsorship Prospectus, please click here

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Kingaroy / South Burnett

What to do, places to see, accommodation and more.  Kingaroy is part of the South Burnett region and why not stay a while longer....

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Welcome to Kingaroy BaconFest

We want to capture Australia’s imagination by hosting a Festival that celebrates one of our nation’s favourite foods and highlights the importance of buying 100 percent Australian pork product.

Kingaroy BaconFest 2018 was our inaugural event. Kingaroy has been home to one of the country’s largest pork processing plants, Swickers, for more than 50 years. During that time it has grown to become one of the town’s biggest employers. The region also borders two of the state’s largest pig producing regions, the Darling Downs (where 56% of the state’s total pig herd are grown) and Wide Bay (30%).

While pork prices have taken a hit in recent times, consumer’s love for pork meat is growing faster than for any other protein and it was recently announced as the second most consumed meat in Australia. Bacon has an enormous following in the United States of America with countless websites, events, interest groups and product lines devoted to the food. Based on the experience of other Bacon-themed festivals in Australia (Freemantle WA and Newtown, Sydney NSW) we’re confident BaconFest in Kingaroy has the potential to attract thousands of visitors to town.

3789_BaconFest 2018 Saturday
4183_BaconFest 2018 Saturday
Images by Nancy Jayde Photography

Want to get involved?

Do you have a crackling idea? Do you want to be involved? Do you love bacon? We would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and give us your feedback.