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SunPork Fresh Foods (Swickers)

SunPork Australian GrownSunPork Fresh Foods is the sales and marketing arm of the SunPork Group. We produce exceptional pork products by controlling the value chain, with superior genetics and sustainable farming practices which produce only the best quality pork for Australia.

At SunPork, our farming history dates back over three generations, and we are continuously investing and building for the future.

Today, our Australian pork is highly regarded throughout major retailers, food service, wholesale and export channels due to our relentless commitment to quality.

SunPork Fresh Foods distributes carcass meat, boxed primal cuts, and value-added pork products across Australia. Utilising dedicated value-add facilities and staff at Swickers Kingaroy and Swickers Eagle Farm, SunPork Fresh Foods develops and perfects a range of value-add products to suit busy lifestyles – including pork schnitzels, slow-cooked knuckles, ribs and bellies, marinated fresh cuts, roasts, and hams.

We’re proud of the exceptional pork products we produce and know you’ll taste the difference, so keep an eye out for our ThreeAussie Farmers brand in major retailers, Barkers Creek brand in pubs, clubs, and restaurants and SunPork brand in butchers and wholesalers.

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